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John Beranek

John Beranek is a gifted team builder, motivational speaker, executive coach, vision sculptor, strategic planner and entrepreneur of several businesses.  His company Intersections Consulting is know for engaging people in unique ways to get root of issues needing to be addressed.  He has lead this company for 19 years.

John previously worked with the oversight of all three of South Dakota’s juvenile correctional facilities.  Much of his life lessons and wisdom has come from the young forgotten voices he has met on his journey.  He has a passion to work beside young people and help them find their voice.

His learning is deeply rooted in his life on a rural ranch in central South Dakota as the oldest of seven children.  It has led him to work as a catalyst and champion for rural communities seeking to “ruralize” their potential.  He works through Dakota Resources as a community coach in five communities and guides learning for Dakota Rising program to support rural entrepreneurs in a three-year cohort learning process.

John is also hired as an Executive Coach for leaders seeking a better understand of themselves and how they can help foster and impact those they lead.   “I am a genuinely curious person.  When you lead with curiosity, instead of judgement, it is amazing what can develop.”

John’s greatest pride is the Pay It Forward organisation he voluntarily leads.  They provide anonymous assistance to people in need asking only for them to “pay it forward” when they can.

John’s honest and relaxed approach, peppered with sincere compassion, allows him to challenge participants to take a look at what, why and how they do their job.  “I know I am never the smartest person in the room,” John says, “but if we look closely, together, we can find brilliant answers to tough questions.”


Stephen Duns

Stephen Duns is an experienced executive, mentor and consulting adviser. His experience includes several Chief Executive Officer and general management roles in small through to very large organisations in Australia and the UK. Stephen has been involved in consulting assignments in the fields of strategy, change management and leadership in the UK, Europe, USA and Australasia.

Stephen holds a Doctorate in Business Leadership, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Letters (Psychology) and Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy).

Stephen is an active volunteer with recent roles as President/Director Annecto, Director of Allied Health Professionals Australia, Director of Australian Graduate School of Leadership, Director/Chair of Merri Community Health Services, member of the Hub Melbourne Wisdom Council, Chair of Austin Health’s Human Research Ethics Committee, Trustee of Save Sight Foundation, President and Chairman of the Board of Parkinson’s Victoria and Parkinson’s Australia and President of JOY 94.9 community radio station.

Stephen currently works at Leadership Victoria as a Senior Facilitator of Leadership Programs.

Stephen Duns

Linette Harriott

Linette Harriott has worked for the past 32 years, mostly in not for profit community based organisations with issues ranging from sexual assault and family violence to youth work, child protection and environmental issues in counselling, service provision, leadership and management roles.

She has hosted several Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter conferences with a broad range of audiences from educators to engineers and health professionals to aboriginal community workers. She is skilled at teaching a range of facilitation tools and techniques.

Recent projects have included facilitation and debriefing for YSAS ( a youth drug and alcohol support service), JOY radio and Foundation House.

She currently work at the Centre for Multicultural Youth. She also has casual training roles with Child Wise ( a child safety organisation), and The Domestic Violence Resource Centre and she runs two Airbnbs.


Lucy Murphy

Lucy has over 25 years’ experience working and managing services for people with a disability and aged care.  Recently appointed to lead the Performance Development and Change team at annecto, Lucy is passionate about building leadership capability that enables and fosters healthy organisations, along with impactful outcomes. Lucy has led many projects focusing on the development and implementation of organisational systems and practice across the organisation to deliver on its Purpose. Much of this work has focused on cultural change and embedding practice grounded in human rights, living systems, valued roles, and storytelling.

Having hosted several Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter conferences, Lucy is also completing a Masters in Management and Leadership of Organisational Dynamics.  Originally from rural Victoria, Lucy understands the strength of collective wisdom and action and draws on this in all aspects of her work and personal life.

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